Pregnant women and children

pregnant woman and children

Oral health care for pregnant women

The child’s teeth begin to develop during pregnancy, so the varied, balanced nutrition and general health of the mother are important. In our practice we produce a list of helpful tips for maintaining good oral health before, during and after pregnancy. We know that a healthy mother means a healthy baby!

Why are deciduous teeth important?

Meet us

The pediatric dentist is essentially an "oral pediatrician", so Dr. Vera Davidova knows how temporary and permanent teeth develop and erupt and is able to detect and prevent problems that arise at an early age.
Our team is trained in managing the behavior of the child at all ages. We often tell stories or predispose the child to talk as a mean of diverting attention from the procedure. Sometimes we demonstrate the mock-up or other person's procedure. We often use a smile or frown to reinforce positive behavior and prevent negative behavior. We praise and encourage children to enhance good behavior. With us, kids learn that visiting a dentist can be fun.

When to take your child to a dentist for the first time?

Davidova Dental's prophylaxis program starts on the first birthday and includes regular examinations and tips for improving the child's oral hygiene, nutrition and eating habits. The timetable for these visits depends on the particular needs of the child, but it is often recommended two or three times a year.

Caries prevention

Caries is caused by bacteria that exist in plaque. The longer it stays on the dental surfaces, the greater is the chance of forming a caries (cavity) in the tooth. The fissures on the chewing surface are more difficult to access for the toothbrush, so they are places with increased caries risk.
Sealants create a barrier so that bacteria can not attack the chewing surfaces. By using dental sealants in Davidova Dental, we create a smooth surface that is easily reached and reduces the risk of caries. We also use fluorine varnish to protect teeth from caries.

Orthodontic prophylaxis

We carry out orthodontic prophylaxis, which starts from the earliest childhood, and includes detection of harmful habits (tongue and thumb-sucking), improper swallowing, difficulty in breathing, prematurely removed deciduous teeth, control of teeth eruption and their position, etc.