Crowns and bridges

crowns and bridges

Dental crowns and bridges are the solution for many broken or missing teeth. By means of them we return the natural beauty and health of the smile.

What is the dental crown?

The dental crown restores normal anatomy and tooth function. It is placed on:

What is the dental bridge?

Missing teeth do not only change the appearance, they make it difficult to talk and chew, but over time they lead to a number of other problems. In the absence of one or several teeth, a bridge is placed. It is cemented to natural adjacent teeth or implants. As an alternative to the bridge to replace missing teeth, implants or dentures may be used.

The bridge:

Stages of making the crown or bridge

The crown / bridge construction and placement in our practice usually involves three visits. During the first visit:

During the second visit the construction of the dental laboratory is placed in the mouth of the patient in order to finally establish the accuracy, color, shape, anatomy and individual features and to check the patient's bite. This is the moment the patient approves the crown / bridge, or if any corrections are needed, they are discussed with the dental laboratory.
During the third visit, we cement the crown / bridge and give the patient instructions for regular examinations every 6 months or more often, use of a suitable toothbrush and toothpaste, interdental cleaning, proper toothbrushing technique, healthy and balanced eating.
Depending on the specific clinical situation and patient’s preference, the crowns and bridges we manufacture in Davidova Dental can be:

Advantages of all-ceramic and zirconium crowns and bridges

The crowns and bridges made in our practice completely restore color, transparency and the shape of natural teeth, and so we create a healthy and beautiful smile.