Root canal treatment

Each tooth consists of a hard outer shell that protects the tooth pulp, located inside it. The outer protective layers - enamel and dentin can be damaged by other processes such as caries, trauma, fracture, which enable the entering of various bacteria that usually cause inflammation. Indications of inflammation may include pain, swelling and sensitivity of the area of the gum over the tooth. In many cases it is also possible not to have any symptoms at all.

Root canal treatment includes the removal of the inflamed tissue and the filling of the root canal with suitable material in order to prevent the access of microorganisms, causing further infection.

In “Davidova Dental” we perform the root canal treatment under local anesthesia, using the most contemporary methods and tools for determining the length, the processing and the subsequent sealing of the root canal.

All this is very important and is a prerequisite for the long life of the tooth. During the endodontal treatment a significant part of the hard tooth tissue has to be removed and that is why in such cases we recommend the use of a crown.