Orthodontics deals with the tooth alignment and with the adjustment of the size and the position of the jaws. This involves use of orthodontic devices- removable (dental retainers) and fixed (dental braces or brackets).

The dental brackets are buttons, attached to the teeth. They may be made of metal, ceramic, gold or combinations of these materials.

Each bracket is designed specifically for the tooth on which it is attached and is connected to the other brackets by an arc. This arc exercises slight pressure and in this way the teeth are slowly moved in the new position. During the orthodontic treatment with braces it is possible to occur some discomfort when eating, even pain and mouth ulcers.

During this period it is advisable to eat soft food and to try to avoid sticky and hard food (nuts, chips, chewing gum, crunchy apples, crusty bread, etc.). Teeth should be cleaned after each meal, because bad oral hygiene can cause tooth decay and gum diseases.

The dental retainers consist of a plastic plate and various additional metal items. In “Davidova Dental” we prepare especially for the children retainers in various colours and images in order to evoke interest and to motivate the child to use them.

There are no age restrictions for an orthodontic treatment; however it may take longer in cases of elderly patients.
After completion of the active orthodontic treatment, it is possible that the teeth return to their original position, as they were before the treatment. Therefore, sometimes it is necessary to use retention devices, which may be fixed or removable.

The successful completion of the orthodontic treatment depends on the joint efforts of the dentist and patient. Moving the teeth in an ideal position creates an attractive smile for children and adults.

In “Davidova Dental” we help patients of all ages to achieve a healthy and beautiful smile as well as a functional bite.