Teeth become a darker shade because of damaged pulp

Teeth become a darker shade because of damaged pulp

Untreated caries destroys the enamel and dentin, and reaches the pulp, that is in the central part of the tooth. This leads to its damage and often to a darkening of the tooth. The procedure necessary to save the tooth is called endodontic treatment.

Repeated dental procedures, hairline cracks, trauma or gum disease can cause inflammation or infection of the pulp, and this requires root canal therapy.


Endodontic treatment

Endodontic treatment is a routine procedure.


After the root canal treatment tooth continues to function like any other tooth and must be treated in the same way. Remember to clean your teeth for at least three minutes twice a day. Although it is devitalized it can develop caries. So visit your dentist for check-ups. The best thing is that by endodontic treatment the tooth can be saved and you keep your smile.

Root canal treatment is not painful and commonly a local anesthetic is used. During the treatment and for the first few days afterwards, it is possible to have a sensitivity which subsides gradually. It can be alleviated with various medications. However, if you have severe pain or pain caused by pressure that lasts more than a few days, call your dentist.


The only alternative to endodontic treatment is the extraction of the tooth. Then it has to be replaced by an implant, bridge or denture. Otherwise chewing will be disturbed and remaining teeth will be tilted or drifted. Take care of your natural, vital teeth, this is the best option.