How to whiten your teeth? Which is the best teeth whitening method? Part 2

03/19/2014 - Teeth whitening

How to whiten your teeth? Which is the best teeth whitening method?     Part 2

Teeth whitening could be done professionally in the dental office or at home with individual trays, strips, pens, universal trays, whitening mouthwashes, toothpastes etc.

Can a “purple” tooth be bleached?

Yes, it can. Usually teeth change their color after being devitalized. In these cases the bleaching gel is put in the interior of the tooth for a few days. The procedure could be repeated until we reach the desired result.

Does the whitening destroy the tooth enamel? Is the whitening safe for the teeth?

This is a very common question, asked by patients, who want beautiful smiles without damaging their teeth.

The professional teeth bleaching, done by the supervision of a dentist, DOES NOT damage the tooth’s enamel. When following the instructions of your dentist, teeth bleaching is a safe and effective procedure.

Some of the bleaching products sold in the market or on the Internet, could damage the tooth’s enamel. They contain an acid as an active compound and destroy the enamel of the tooth.

Are there any age restrictions for teeth bleaching?

Teeth bleaching is not recommended for children under the age of 16.

Why it is not recommended for suckling mothers or pregnant women to bleach their teeth?

There are no scientific researches which show that teeth bleaching of a mother harms the fetus or the baby, but gel manufacturers and we in Davidova Dental do not recommend teeth bleaching for suckling mothers or pregnant women.

Are the whitening tooth pastes effective?

Whitening tooth pastes usually only clean the stains from the tooth surface, but do not change teeth’s color.