Ceramic crowns for a beautiful smile

Ceramic crowns for a beautiful smile

Have you seen smiles, for which you know they have a crown in their anterior part?

The reason is that something doesn’t look natural. Most of the times this is because of the dark part around the tooth’s edge. Unfortunately, for many people this is something, which happens soon after the crowns are placed in the mouth. The crowns do not look naturally and do not match the natural teeth color. The gums which surround them could be flushed, swollen and bleeding and could withdraw in time. The dark zone around the crown becomes more visible and one starts to oppress smiling widely.

Metal ceramic crown

One of the reasons for the grey border is an old metal ceramic crown. There is metal in the base of the crown, over which ceramics is applied, so that the natural color of the tooth is reproduced. The dark line is the edge of the crown, where the porcelain meets the metal. If the edge is hidden underneath the gums’ line it is possible in time that the gingiva withdraws and the grey line appears. Sometimes the grey edge of the crown could be seen through the gum and makes it look dark.

The only way to eliminate this problem is to change the crown. Metal-ceramic crowns are a standard, but probably they will not be part of the future dentistry.

Fully ceramic and zirconium crowns

Patients could smile freely and confidently.

In the recent yeas the technology of the fully ceramic and zirconium crowns is significantly improved and they become more usable in the practice.

Devitalized teeth


If the crown is not well adapted (does not match), it is possible that a dark spot or a decay appears on the border with the crown edge. It is a brownish area over the crown, which causes an aesthetic issue. The best solution in this situation is the replacement of the crown. This is the only way for us to be sure that the decay is removed.